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Lawyer for Appealing Decision of Ohio Dept. of Taxation

If you are disagree with an assessment made by the Ohio Department of Taxation, you have the right to request a tax appeal to the findings of the tax examiner through the stated appeal process with the OH Department of Taxation or Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. Because of the timing requirements vital to the state of Ohio tax appeals process, it is important to contact an Ohio tax appeal attorney as soon as you receive a proposed assessment, notice of tax due or notification of collection action. This State of Ohio tax appeal process is set up to provide taxpayers an avenue resolve appeals in a timely and judicious manner. Common reasons for appealing often include tax liens, levies, wage garnishments, seizures, penalties, interest, installment agreement denial or termination, and rejection of an offer in compromise.


Filing a Tax Appeal to the Ohio Department of Taxation Findings of Back Taxes Owed

Should the Ohio Department of Taxation find your tax account to be past due, in default of taxes owed or that the returns you filed are inaccurate, you can be assessed penalties and interest and the Ohio Department of Taxation will seek to collect back taxes.  Once you have been notified of this collection action, you may be eligible to file for a tax appeal with the State of Ohio Board of Appeals. In order to get the appeals process started, your tax attorney will submit a formal protest letter and request for a copy of your Ohio Department of Taxation tax file.


Legal Representation for an Ohio Department of Taxation Departmental Review

While representation by an Ohio tax attorney is not a requirement, due to the significance and complication of these issues, it's a good idea to retain legal representation from an experienced Ohio tax attorney when filing for a tax appeal. Your tax lawyer reviews your case in order to assist you in determining the best avenue in order to give you the greatest chance at winning your Ohio State Tax Appeal. Protect your rights now through  representation by an Ohio tax attorney who  will listen and empathize with your situation, and understands Federal, State, and Local tax code.


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