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Ohio Tax Levies and Wage Garnishment Attorney

A  wage garnishment or wage levy issued by the Ohio Attorney General as a collection effort for a State of Ohio tax debt is an attachment to a taxpayers non-exempt wages. Issuing a wage garnishment means that the state of Ohio is requiring your employer to withhold wages from your paycheck to be applied toward your tax debt. Wage garnishments are continuous in nature, which means that the wage garnishment for your State of Ohio taxes will continue until the tax debt for which it has been applied is satisfied, the statute of limitations expires, you lose or quit your job, or  a negotiated agreement is reached with the Ohio Department of Taxation or Ohio Attorney General.


Stopping a State of Ohio Wage Garnishment

If the State of Ohio tax collector has levied a wage garnishment with your employer, it still may be possible to have the wage levy released even if you don't have the funds to make payment of the tax debt in full. Options exist which will allow the wage garnishment  to be removed without losing or quitting your job. The Ohio tax help attorney and team at Sheppard Tax Relief can review available wage garnishment removal options with you, which may include setting up a tax payment agreement, negotiating an offer in compromise or filing bankruptcy.


Appealing a State of Ohio Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment can successfully be appealed through a tax appeal if the Ohio Department of Taxation or Ohio Attorney General failed to properly follow procedures in assessing the tax levy. At Sheppard Law Offices, we have helped many of our clients to fight tax decisions by the taxing authority and win tax levy appeals.



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